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Cutting-Edge Infrastructure
Saint-Peterburg Chemical Company is a full-service supplier

Saint-Peterburg Chemical Company has a large warehouses that is equipped to handle and store all types of chemicals, and managed by attentive and highly qualified staff. With the added benefit of an inhouse railroad terminal, we are in a position to render an extensive scope of services to our clientele.

Delivery to order

Having time-honored, dependable links in place with manufacturers inside and outside Russia, we assure prompt delivery and appropriate prices for any chemicals. If required, Saint-Petersburg Chemical Company professionals will help you select the right chemicals, source it and secure optimal delivery.

All goods in one place

Due to the fact that we specialize in particular industries, we offer our customers the whole package of chemical products for the main manufacturing process. Customers don’t have to waste their time to search for different chemical chemicals and contact different suppliers. Just call us and we will be able to help you out.


There is a railroad track right next to our warehouse. Right on its premises, Saint-Peterburg Chemical Company will be able to transship major quantities of any chemicals to different locations.


If several products are ordered, it is sometimes a good idea to wait and merge the different shipments together in order to minimize the overhead cost. To this end, Saint-Petersburg Chemical Company executives will keep track of incoming shipments, put them together, and send the entire order to the customers.

Annual supply

For better streamlined production supply, it makes sense to order supplies from Saint-Petersburg Chemical Company on an annual, quarterly or monthly basis. The company is well versed in planning production supplies for various industries. Saint-Peterburg Chemical Company assures rigorous deadline compliance and attractive delivery terms.

Convenient shipping

At the customer’s option, we may employ any means of shipment, including truck, railroads or air. Just tell our sales executives what you would like to order and they will configure the best shipping solution for you, involving the company’s own and/or a subcontractor’s transport.

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