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About the company

“Saint-Petersburg Chemical Company” is the national leader in supplying various product groups such as additives for PVC, binders and additives for paint and varnish material production, chemical preservatives for silage and grain and etc. Over the years the company has acquired the reputation as being a safe partner. We have learned to combine our experience and knowledge in different fields of chemical industry with advanced management.

Comprehensive range of services

At the same time “Saint-Petersburg Chemical Company” remains open to cooperation. We provide high services to each and every client regardless the contract size. Every new partner is considered to be our priority project. The team of technologists, sales and logistical managers will work together to help each and every customer.

Leading position

Attention to details in combination with clear strategic goals has allowed us to take the leading position in the Russian market. Awhile ago "Saint-Peterburg Chemical Company” started working as a regional distributor of industrial chemistry products. Today the company has become the leading supplier across the nation.

Regional offices

The fast growth of the company has demanded significant structural changes. Today ““Saint-Petersburg Chemical Company” has its representatives in the main regions of Russia. It allows us to provide high quality service to every client no matter how far they are from the headquarters. We support our clients at every stage of the implementation of a new product as well as to help to work out new formulations.

Technical support

The key assets of “Saint-Petersburg Chemical Company” is the team of highly knowledgeable technologists. If needed our technologists can help our clients with any problem that they may face when implementing our products. 

Efficient logistics

Another important line in the development of the company’s business processes is the improvement of logistical operations. The peculiarity of Russia lies primarily in great distances and sophisticated tariff legislation. Under the circumstances efficient logistics becomes one of the most important competitive advantages for the distributor.

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